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I am no longer able to attend shows due to a change in my personal circumstances

Many thanks to all judges who have thought so highly of my cats.  I continue to breed show winning cats, owned and shown by friends, here and abroad

Super show results

World Champion Latchcats Prince Charming

Prince is now a   World  Champion, winning many awards and Best in shows along the way throughout Europe.  Many thanks must go to his owners Anja, Tonny and Mathias for showing him and flying the Latchcats flag in Europe!

Prince is the brother of our Prima Donna

Latchcats Yuletide Joy

Yuletide has won multiple awards including a kitten special at just 5 months old, best of best of all shorthairs on show, and a best in show.  Thank you so much to his owners Anja, Tonny and Mathias of Kingsgarden Cats in Belgium for showing her in such lovely condition

Latchcats Gorgeous George

2 ccs


Herts and Middlesex 05/09/09

1st CC

Mrs. S. Lorton-Hobbs

Eastern Counties 01/08/09

1st CC BOB

 Mrs S Heavens

Champion Evavale Endlesslove


Southern British Shorthair Cat Club


1st cc

Mrs. S. Heavens

London Cat Club 11/06/05

                                  1st cc

Mrs C. Wren

East Sussex Cat Club 16/07/05

1st cc

Mrs Borch

Champion Latchcats Eye Candy


Hertfordshire and Middlesex 05/09/09

1st cc

Mrs. S. Lorton-Hobbs

Bedford and District 26/4/08

1st cc

Mrs. L. Walpole

Eastern Counties 01/08/09

1st cc

Mrs. S. Heavens

Essex Cat Club 14/04/07


1st BOB

Mrs. S. Lorton Hobbs

Latchcats Candyfloss


Essex Cat Club 09/04/05


1st Mrs. S. Lorton Hobbs

1st Mrs. S Hamilton

1st Mrs. J. Edwards

Bedford and District 23/04/05



R. Fisher

Suffolk and Norfolk 21/05/05

Kitten 1st

H Marriot power

Evavale Action Man

2 ccs


Essex Cat Club 14/04/07

1st cc BOB

Mr. N Carter

Suffolk and Norfolk 19/05/2007

1st cc

Mrs. S. Lorton Hobbs

Maidstone and Medway 16.12.06


1st BOB S. Lorton Hobbs

1st C. Kaye

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Champion Latchcats Xquisite

 A beautiful blue-cream girl who has won so well in her kitten classes and has now been made a Champion in three straight shows

Southern British Shorthair Cat Club


1st Open  and Best of Breed

Best Kitten in Show

Essex Cat Club


1st Open and Best of Breed

Champion Latchcats Edward Bear

Edward is a super boy, a repeat mating of Latchcats A-Dora-Bubble and Latchcats Glamourpuss. Many thanks go to his new owner Dieter in Belgium for showing him and making him up to Champion in 3 straight shows